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Cuvette, Macro / Semi-Micro, monouso in plastica

Cuvette, Macro / Semi-Micro, monouso in plastica

Standard disposable macro and semi-micro cuvettes are ideal for kinetic measurements and are supplied in a clearly arranged and resealable packaging. These cuvettes are delivered grouped by mold cavity number to ensure lowest variation of extinction coefficient.
  • Clear, clean optical path with indication of optical path orientation.
  • Manufactured under controlled room conditions and fully automatic packaging.

Cuvettes of PS:
Typical range of application: 340 to 900 nm. Standard deviation at 360 nm ≤ ± 0.005 extinction units.

Cuvettes of PMMA:
Typical range of application: 300 to 900 nm. Standard deviation at 320 nm ≤ ± 0.004 extinction units.
Cuvette:12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm
Window: macro cuvette10 x 35 mm
Window: semi-micro cuvette4.5 x 23 mm
Light path:10 mm
riempimento min
riempimento max
Manuf. Prod. No.Price/UnitOrder qty.
 Macro cuvettePS2.5 ml4.5 ml1000BR-707590057590 05110.001
 Semi-micro cuvettePS1.5 ml3.0 ml1000BR-707590157590 15115.001
 Macro cuvettePMMA2.5 ml4.5 ml1000BR-707591057591 05158.001
 Semi-micro cuvettePMMA1.5 ml3.0 ml1000BR-707591157591 15166.001