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Astucci in alluminio, forma quadrata, per pipette
Astucci in alluminio, forma quadrata, per pipetteAstucci in alluminio, forma quadrata, per pipette    

Astucci in alluminio, forma quadrata, per pipette

Aluminium. Pipette boxes for an easy handling in everydays work. The cylindrical boxes are the best option for autoclaving various glass items with a length from 150 to 480 mm like mixing rods, pasteur-, volumetric and graduated pipettes.
  • Autoclaving: the construction guarantees the entrance of steam into the container and optimises the process of autoclaving.
  • Opening and closing: soft sliding performance of top section onto the base section makes working easy.
  • Base- and top section are filled with a silicon layer at the bottom as shock absorber to protect the glass items from splintering.

Stainless steel holder for 4 ratiolab® pipet boxes:
  • For practical storage of up to 4 pipette boxes.
  • Space-saving and safe-storage of pipette boxes.
  • Size D x W x H: 265 x 250 x 120 mm.
Manuf. Prod. No.Price/UnitOrder qty.
 Sterilising pipette box160 to 2001MT-54395750317020038.501
 Sterilising pipette box235 to 3051MT-54395760317030544.801
 Sterilising pipette box315 to 3851MT-54395770317038548.501
 Sterilising pipette box315 to 4851MT-54395780317048551.201