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Imbuti con coperchio, per contenitori in plastica
Imbuti con coperchio, per contenitori in plasticaImbuti con coperchio, per contenitori in plastica    

Imbuti con coperchio, per contenitori in plastica

Safety funnel / safety flat funnel with plastic cap (PE) size DIN 50 / 51 / 61 / 71.

Safety funnel provided with thread, made from high-quality and chemically resistant st. steel. For safe filling of plastic canisters. Flame trap prevents for iginition of liquids filled in the container and is easily unscrewable and removable, e. g. for cleaning or replacement. Overfill protection prevents for spillage of liquids during filling. Closure head reduces vapours. Grounding via threaded pins (direct contact between funnel and container) or additional grounding connection. Height 12 cm, flat funnel 7 cm.
Manuf. Prod. No.Price/UnitOrder qty.
Safety funnelDIN 501251TS-52061652TK50196.001
Safety funnelDIN 511251TS-52061660TK51196.001
Safety funnelDIN 611251TS-52061668TK61196.001
Safety funnelDIN 711251TS-52061676TK71207.001
Safety flat funnelDIN 50701TS-52061656TK50-180310.001
Safety flat funnelDIN 51701TS-52061664TK51-180310.001
Safety flat funnelDIN 61701TS-52061672TK61-180292.001
Safety flat funnelDIN 71701TS-52061680TK71-180296.001