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Crioscatole cartone-plast, con coperchio, senza alveare
Crioscatole cartone-plast, con coperchio, senza alveareCrioscatole cartone-plast, con coperchio, senza alveare    

Crioscatole cartone-plast, con coperchio, senza alveare

Ultra low temperature resistant cardboard.
  • Available with a water-repellent finish or with a water-resistant plastic coating.
  • Temperature resistant down to - 80 °C.
  • For the sample storage even at ultra low temperatures.
  • Highest flexibility: cryo boxes can be combined with different grid inserts for tubes from 6 to 28,5 mm Ø.
  • Can be used for larger vessels if the grid is removed.
 ColoreVersione(L x P x A)
Manuf. Prod. No.Price/UnitOrder qty.
Whitestandard134 x 67 x 501MT-5422098051600283.281
Whitestandard75 x 75 x 5020MT-542291105160035103.001
Whitestandard136 x 136 x 501MT-5400400051415011.801
 Bluestandard136 x 136 x 501MT-5400402051415022.291
 Redstandard136 x 136 x 501MT-5400404051415032.291
Greenstandard136 x 136 x 5010MT-54004030514150422.901
 Yellowstandard136 x 136 x 501MT-5400401051415052.291
 Whitestandard136 x 136 x 751MT-5400405051417512.501
 Bluestandard136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004070514175229.301
 Greenstandard136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004080514175429.301
 Redstandard136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004090514175329.301
 Yellowstandard136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004060514175529.301
Whitestandard136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004100514100150.601
 Bluestandard136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004120514100256.001
 Redstandard136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004140514100356.001
 Greenstandard136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004130514100456.001
 Yellowstandard136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004110514100556.001
Whiteplastic coated136 x 136 x 501MT-5400415051425011.931
 Blueplastic coated136 x 136 x 5010MT-54004160514250224.001
 Redplastic coated136 x 136 x 5010MT-54004170514250324.001
 Yellowplastic coated136 x 136 x 5010MT-54004190514250524.001
 Whiteplastic coated136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004200514275126.701
 Blueplastic coated136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004210514275232.601
 Redplastic coated136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004220514275332.601
 Greenplastic coated136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004230514275432.601
 Yellowplastic coated136 x 136 x 7510MT-54004240514275532.601
 Whiteplastic coated136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004250514200156.101
 Blueplastic coated136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004260514200264.101
 Redplastic coated136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004270514200364.101
 Greenplastic coated136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004280514200464.101
 Yellowplastic coated136 x 136 x 10010MT-54004290514200564.101
Other colours are available in the webshop.
Alveari in cartone idrorepellente, altezza mm 25